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Emirates dominating the Skies

With no less than 11 new destinations under its belt so far in 2012 with another five more to commence before the year is out, one has to wonder just where growth from Emirates comes from and whether this behemoth will ever stop expanding. New services to Washington DC, Phuket, Adelaide, Lyon and a resumption of flights to Tripoli, with Warsaw just one of the new destinations for 2013, Emirates is not exactly short of ideas on where to fly to next. And it’s precisely this targeted expansion policy that sets it apart from both its peers, rivals and critics. Since the turn of the year, Emirates has launched flights to Dallas, Seattle, Rio, Ho Chi Minh, Barcelona, Lisbon, Lusaka, Harare, Buenos Aires and Dublin and has eyes on more US cities from next year onwards. Even with record fuel prices that pummelled profits down by 72 per cent, Emirates still managed its unique feat of staying profitable by over $400 million. It is hard to pinpoint a single item relating to their s