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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Dell to deliver Ramco's ERP-as-a-service on cloud

Has Cloud Computing Come Of Age For Small Businesses ...
By cloudtweaks
Whether or not cloud computing has come of age for small businesses or not is a question of fact. Its answer varies from one individual to the next. However, what is eminent is the fact that, cloud computing is a force to reckon with and so are ...
Cloud Computing: A Threat To Your Money? |
Cloud computing can be risky to your financial data. Fend off hackers by taking these steps. Today's new stories...
GoDaddy: 'Sorry, no hack here.' — Cloud Computing News
By Derrick Harris
Hosting giant GoDaddy has completed its investigation of Monday's outage and deemed it was not the result of a DDoS attack as originally rumored, but rather the result of network failures within GoDaddy's system. The outage crippled ...
Startup ComodIT unveils tool to manage your cloud(s) — Cloud ...
By Barb Darrow
ComodIT, a tiny startup out of Liege, Belgium, has big plans to help you manage your IT infrastructure in the cloud. The company's new Synapse Agent, a step towards that goal, lets you manage multiple hosts or instances from a single ...
OakLeaf Systems: Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 9 ...
By Roger Jennings (--rj)
Back in June, I walked you through the steps to define and design a cloud computing API or service. My goal was to get those who build private, public, and hybrid clouds to think a bit more around how these APIs are designed, developed, ...
OakLeaf Systems
Global Savvis Study Finds Culture Shift on IT Outsourcing, Cloud Computing
IT News Online
"IT departments are now looking to strengthen collaboration, efficiency and competitive agility – and they're turning to secure, outsourced environments and cloud computing to help meet their objectives." Savvis commissioned international research firm ...
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Public, Private Cloud Markets Set to Soar as Enterprise Adoption Grows
With the adoption of cloud computing continuing to occur in the enterprise, analysts see continued growth in both public and private cloud investment, with public the public cloud market set to reach nearly $100 billion by 2016. According to IDC ...
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The Brute Force Computing Revolution
New York Times (blog)
This continues the company's move into a lower-paying, hopefully higher-volume, world of mobile devices and cloud computing. Carl Bass, the chief executive of Autodesk David Paul Morris/Bloomberg NewsCarl Bass, the chief executive of Autodesk.
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New York Times (blog)
Dell to deliver Ramco's ERP-as-a-service on cloud
InformationWeek India
Dell announced its strategic alliance with Ramco Systems to deliver Ramco's ERP-as-a-service onCloud to help midmarket businesses execute cost and operational efficiencies and accelerate revenue growth. The new offering strengthens Dell's growing ...
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High performance computing, the latest 'it' thing in the cloud
Network World
Many cloud providers, including Amazon and Microsoft Azure, offer tiers of cloud computingresources that include a certain number of cores, virtual machines and memory. ProfitBricks instead allows users to choose as many cores and as much memory as ...
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Ten drivers of Cloud computing for South African businesses
IT News Africa
While Cloud computing remains a rather fluffy concept for many South African business people, local businesses are increasingly using Cloud-based applications – many without realising that they are “in the Cloud” at all. Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB ...
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Cloud computing gives Baidu mobile edge
BAIDU, China's largest search engine operator, is boosting its cloud computing service in an effort to maintain its dominance of the mobile Internet sector. At its annual technology innovation conference in Beijing last week, Baidu said it will start ...
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Concur Announces T&E Cloud Integration with NetSuite's SuiteCloud ...
NetSuite's SuiteCloud is a comprehensive offering of cloud-based products, development tools, and services designed to help customers and commercial software developers take advantage of the significant economic benefits of cloud computing. SuiteCloud ...
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