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Creating a Balance between Work an Life

By Deepika Arora  Creating a Balance between Work an Life In a daily life scenario, every individual is managing a lot of things at the same time such as  managing relationships and family obligations, heavy workloads and squeezing in outside interests. No wonder each individual is in incredible stress to balance every aspect of their  life. It also happens due to the continuous pursuit of your aim to complete everything at the  workplace and at home with perfection. Due to the constant push to over perform our capabilities causing feelings of anxiety spike, the efficiency level falls. Stress can destroy our  focus, make us peevish or discouraged, and hurt our own personal and professional relationships. The increasing level of stress overtime also weakens the immune system making us  powerless to a variety of afflictions ranging from colds to spinal pains to coronary illness. The most current research demonstrates that interminable pressures can, in reality,