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Thursday 15 November 2012

Cloud Computing Won't Kill IT, But It'll Definitely Transform It

Head in the clouds: Business starting to use cloud without knowing what they ...
ZDNet (blog)
Companies are pressing ahead with adoption of cloud computing even though they haven't finished working out their formal strategies for using it. Analyst IDC surveyd companies in the UK, US, France and Germany, and foudn that bearly three-quarters (69 ...
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Cloud Computing Won't Kill IT, But It'll Definitely Transform It
CloudTweaks News
Companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Accenture understand the value of technological expertise and have already positioned themselves to cash in on the move to cloud computing. Large corporations are often willing to pay hourly contractor rates of $200 ...
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It's time to value information that's driving thirst for data analytics, says ...
InformationWeek India
EMC has chalked out its technology roadmap for 2013 with focus on cloud computing and big data analytics built on a pillar of trust. “All our product roadmap and innovation are targeted at these three pillars,” Jeff Nick, Senior VP and CTO, EMC told ...
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IBS AB : IBS Expands Cloud Computing Solutions »
STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov. 15, 2012 - International Business Systems (IBS), a global leading integrated ERP and supply chain provider, today announced the expansion of its traditional on-premise applications into the cloud, making it the industry's most ...
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Cloud Computing, Data Privacy Rules, and Data Security
Midsize Insider
New data privacy regulations in both the EU and US could impose additional security management and privacy protection standards for cloud computing. And for IT managers at midsize firms the new rules could end up being a good thing. Yes, the new rules ...
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CloudSigma Awards Four Innovative Start-Ups with Six Free Months of Public ...
IT News Online
And, with unlimited access to CloudSigma's public cloud, the start-up companies avoid anycomputing limitations while testing and further developing their product, or service. CloudSigma decided to award this particular group of winners with six months ...
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IT's new battlegrounds in the cloud revolution
Cloud computing is turning into a true utility, as essential to any business as water or electricity. This evolution is driven by massive investments by cloud companies, itself funded from businesses' increased reliance and spending on cloud services ...
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Using the cloud to create prices, quotes and contracts
Prague Post
Seamus Devine, founder of Price&Quote, says the company was particularly drawn to the Czech capital because of the abundance of software engineers who have the necessary experience in cloud computing. It is tempting to say San Francisco-born and ...
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Prague Post
Newvem makes its Amazon analytics available
First and foremost “we've learned that cloud users are sick and tired of hearing about saving costs … we're helping cloud users [instead] focus on their business and how the cloud impacts profit,” said Cameron Peron, Newvem VP of marketing. The ...
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Shekhar Gupta
Capt. Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot, DIAM, M.Ae.S.I., MAOPA [USA] ] 
Blog : 

Shekhar is a Professional Pilot with more then 8 years experience of Flying on 14 different types of Air crafts in 10 different countries with accident free flying record. Shekhar is good in Flying Training as well as in Ground class for Pilots. Shekhar started his flying career from Skycabs [Colombo ] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different part of the world. He trained more then 350 Pilots who are flying world wide. He is a member of Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [ USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [ UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, Aeronautical Research Society. He is a frequent flyer on AA, Air India, British Airways, Cathey Pacific, Delta Airlines, Emerites, Ethihad, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and many more. Shekhar is an active member of  set up by Govt. of Canada and Air Transport Association of Canada.

His recent passion is Aviation SEO for which he takes classes for IIT & IIM students in India and others in abroad. And  a new proposed virtual Air Charter Services.
By Capt Shekhar Gupta
              Maani Sharma [ MBA Aviation ]
» Synopsis
College Campus and Placements is a story of Students of B grade and C grade B School and Engineering Colleges, Management Gurus and HR Managers of many Colleges who are unable to cope due to Global Recession.    This is not a book to teach you how to get a decent well paid Job to live like a Professionals. In fact, it describes how one can become a Successfull Professional even in the time of Global recession with very small changes in life. Also Why abroad trained Students are better Professionals.
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