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Asiatic International Aviation Corp [Asiatic Air]

34100 Asiatic International Aviation Corp. India's Best Asia's Finest Pilot Training Services Asiatic International Aviation Corp [Asiatic Air] is a group of Pilots, Airlines Professionals & Aviation organizations working in collaboration with many Aviation leaders worldwide for the smooth growth of Aviation activities in Asia. Asiatic International Aviation Academy [Asiatic Air] is affiliated to the Aviation Atlanta, Career Pilot School & USA , Asian Aerospace College “Colombo”, Aircrew Flight Training Academy and Eagle Air Academy Philippines . The basic aim of AsiaticAir is to promote all kind of Airlines and Aviation related activities under one roof. Asiatic Air is a group of professionals and Pilots of Aviation industry dedicated to provide best training environment for Airline professionals Asiatic works in association with Aircrew Flight Training Academy, Eagle Air Academy , Aviation Atlanta USA & Asian Aviation Centre Ltd.,