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It is Dirty, but It is a Business Amitabh Bachchan ..By Corona Positive ..

अमिताभ बच्चन को.. कोरोना पॉजिटिव बताकर.. एक बहुत बड़ा माइंड गेम खेला गया है , हम लोगों के साथ 👇👇 गंदा है, पर.. धंधा है। 👍 *...✍️ Amitabh Bachchan .. By Corona Positive .. A Huge Mind Game has been Played with us. Radiant Life Care Is a Medical Business Group He has a big hospital in Delhi, BLK Super Specialty Hospital,  In 2014, it has also acquired Mumbai's renowned Nanavati Hospital, now backed by its global private equity firm KKR, joining the healthcare major league in India in 2019 with the successful acquisition of a 49.7% stake in Max Healthcare Institute Limited Gaya, which operates around 2400 bedded hospitals in North India (mostly in Delhi NCR) area. With the completion of the proposed merger of Radiant's healthcare assets with Max Healthcare as part of an overall plan, the group will operate the second largest hospital chain (in terms of revenue) across India with 3400 beds at 16 locations including 16 hospitals. . Recently, Nanavati Hospital pla