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A broken-down Airline for a broken-down Nation USA

 American Airlines is perfect microcosm of America It is increasingly difficult to tell the difference between American and America. American is a once-proud airline run by AMR Corp. AAMRQ -0.38%  .  America is the greatest nation ever formed on Earth. If you have trouble telling them apart, it may be because both are currently bankrupt, yet somehow keep flying. Ratings agencies have downgraded the debt of both American and America in past years. American Airlines is the perfect airline for our nation. Both spend more than they take in; both manage rising costs; both negotiate with demanding special interests, including unions. They both have leaders interested in maintaining their wealth and power at almost any cost, even in the face of insolvency. They both have had their rising share of emergency landings. At American, seats are coming loose in the middle of flights. In America, seats are about to plunge off a fiscal cliff. Ladies and gentlemen, please sit back and