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Take Off

Ohh My Darling  Cessna  Are We ready for a Journey called "Flight" With a Precise Hand,  lakes Facing the  Green Earth , I'd stretch my arm out the Airplane Window,  Convinced that at the right TakeOff Speed And Angle of Attack the Airplane would TakeOff  into the Blue Sky Achieving a perfect balance between Man and Machine, a great Harmony of Light weight Metal and Bone.  Capt Shekhar Gupta Books College Campus and Placements      by  Shekhar Gupta Price: $3.99 USD. Approx. 8,210 words. Published on July 25, 2013. Category: Fiction  College Campus and Placements is a story of Students of B grade and C grade B School and Engineering Colleges, Management Gurus and HR Managers of many Colleges who are unable to cope due to Global Recession. This is not a book to teach you how to get a decent well paid Job to live like a Professionals. Be An