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United Airlines Inc has another large Computer outage Affected United runs 5,500 flights worldwide.

Thousands of United Airlines passengers around the globe were delayed for hours on Thursday after another huge computer outage at the world's largest carrier. The outage lasted for about two hours in the morning, affecting half of all flights on United's main network. It was at least the third major outage for the Chicago-based airline since June. Major delays across the world, especially those early in the morning, can easily ripple throughout an airline's network. United runs about 5,500 flights a day worldwide. During the system failure, some furious passengers vented their anger on social media sites. "Does anyone have a Radio Shack computer or abacus to help United get their system fixed?," tweeted Lewis Franck, a motorsports writer who was flying from Newark, New Jersey, to Miami Thursday to cover the last race of the NASCAR season. In a subsequent phone call with The Associated Press, Franck added: "Why is there a total system failure o