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Money Chakras Money Chakras Next Batch FROM 1.3.21 E.E. = 999/- In this Workshop we will explain how an imbalance in each of the 7 MAJOR CHAKRAS affects your Earning Capability, Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance. We will also teach you simple and easy remedies how to Activate and Balance Each of your 7 Chakras. And then how it will get you Prosperity and Abundance 1. Root Chakra and Money 2. Sacral Chakra and Money 3. Solar Plexus Chakra and Money 4. Heart Chakra and Money 5. Throat Chakra and Money 6. Third Eye Chakra and Money 7. Crown Chakra and Money IT WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN MOST OTHER WORKSHOPS. Vidyut 9840764492 POWERFUL NARASIMHA AND  VISHNU MANTRAS FROM 1.3.21 🤘 How do Mantras Work 🙏*MANTRAS TO LORD NARASIMHA E.E. = 222/- 1. To Remove All Fears 2. To Overcome Financial Problems 🙏*MANTRAS TO LORD VISHNU E.E. = 777/- 1. To ensure success in all that we do 2. To invite Fortune and Good Luck 3. To fig