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Massive Layoff in IT Many IT Employees have been Stacked #Amazon, #Alphabet #Google, #Meta #Microsoft #Spotify

Massive Layoff  in IT  Many IT Employees have been Stacked   #Amazon,  #Alphabet #Google,  #Meta #Microsoft   #Spotify With Massive Layoff where tentatively 2 Lakh IT Employees have been Stacked in just 3 Months Big names like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon leading the trend This  phenomenon is really creating unrest and anxiety among many others as ripple effect ! But it is something unavoidable balancing act by founders and management who have their own rational for keeping the bottom line in green  But how as a employee we could skip this or be prepared for this worst situation 1) Emergency fund : we need to have minimum 12 months of expenses as saving as this will provide us cushion to absorb our anxiety in short run and could give  space for clear thought process 2) Upgrading ourselves: Upgrading the learning curve should not go into normal procrastination , it should always be in our priority list  3) Understand your strength: Understanding our strength well as well build