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Thursday 20 June 2024

Asian HR Group

In addition to our LinkedIn HR Group, we've launched an Asian HR Group, on WhatsApp!

Want to join?

Simply send a request to our WhatsApp number along with your:



Company Name

Email Address


This version is clearer, more concise, and avoids mentioning sending a request "on Our WhatsApp." 

Calling all HR professionals in Asia! Join the Asian HR Circle WA group for:

  • Sharing & Learning: 
  • Discuss HR challenges & best practices specific to the Asian region.
  • Networking: 
  • Connect with fellow HR leaders & expand your professional circle.
  • Staying Informed: 
  • Get insights on Asian HR trends & regulations.

Join the conversation & elevate your HR expertise!


Karishma Kumari [MBA]

HR Manager

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