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Tuesday 6 February 2024

Smt. Jaya Bachchan's Vision for Comprehensive Reforms


Advocating for the Well-being of Our Elders: Smt. Jaya Bachchan's Vision for Comprehensive Reforms

In her recent address to Parliament, Smt. Jaya Bachchan, a distinguished Member of Parliament, brought forth a crucial issue demanding immediate attention—the plight of senior citizens in India. With fervor and conviction, her speech resonated with the urgency for comprehensive reforms to address the multifaceted challenges faced by our elderly population.

At the heart of her discourse lies a poignant question: "Is it a crime to be a senior citizen in India?" This rhetorical query serves as a catalyst for a profound exploration into the myriad obstacles encountered by the elderly, from the lack of medical insurance eligibility beyond the age of 70 to the unavailability of loans on EMI and the absence of driving licenses. Despite their lifelong contributions through taxes and insurance premiums, many seniors find themselves grappling with dependency on others for basic survival.

Smt. Jaya Bachchan astutely draws attention to the glaring disparities in benefits, juxtaposing the privileges accorded to senior citizens in political spheres with the stark realities faced by the majority. This stark contrast underscores the imperative for governmental intervention to address the grievances of seniors and acknowledge their potential influence in electoral outcomes.

In a bid to chart a pragmatic and solution-oriented path forward, Smt. Jaya Bachchan presents a series of pivotal recommendations:

Universal Pension: 

Advocating for the implementation of a universal pension scheme for citizens above the age of 60, tailored to individual status and needs.

Travel Concessions: 

Calling for the provision of concessions in railway, bus, and air travel to enhance mobility and accessibility for senior citizens.

Mandatory Government-Covered Insurance: 

Proposing the enforcement of mandatory government-covered insurance until the end of life, ensuring financial security and peace of mind for seniors.

Speedy Resolution of Court Cases: 

Emphasizing the need to prioritize the resolution of legal matters involving senior citizens, thereby expediting access to justice.

Establishment of Senior Citizen Homes: 

Championing the establishment of well-equipped senior citizen homes in every city, providing a dignified and supportive environment for elderly individuals.

Reconsideration of Car Scrapping Rule: 

Urging a reevaluation of regulations governing the scrapping of old cars, particularly those used for personal purposes, to mitigate undue financial burden on seniors.

This comprehensive suite of recommendations underscores a concerted effort to prioritize the well-being and dignity of senior citizens, recognizing their invaluable contributions to nation-building. Smt. Jaya Bachchan's impassioned plea serves as a clarion call to action, urging citizens to amplify this message across social media platforms and catalyze a collective voice for positive change.

As we align with the foundational principles of "Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas," let us fervently hope that the government heeds this call and implements measures that authentically reflect inclusivity and welfare for those who have devoted their lives to the advancement of our nation. It is incumbent upon us to share this message with friends, senior citizens, and well-wishers, thereby amplifying the collective demand for transformative reforms that ensure a brighter and more inclusive future for our elders.

Adv Vaishnavi V. Hiremath  

Sr Advisor

Asiatic International Corp



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