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Thursday 14 September 2023

Notion Press The Best place to Kills Your Authors Dreams

Notion Press The Best Place to Kills Your Author Dreams

Notion Press: A Critical Review from an Author's Perspective

I recently had an experience with Notion Press that left me with mixed feelings. 

While the platform offers some benefits for authors, there were certain aspects of my experience that raised concerns.

🕒 Slow Response Times After Advance Payment

One of the issues I encountered was the delay in response from Notion Press after I had made an advance payment. Quick communication is crucial in the publishing process, and this aspect definitely left room for improvement.

🤝 Lackluster Support

The support I received during my journey with Notion Press was not as supportive as I had hoped. A strong support system is vital for authors, and this is an area where Notion Press could enhance their services.

💰 Unclear Royalty System

Understanding the royalty system is vital for authors. Unfortunately, I found that Notion Press's royalty system was not as clear as I would have liked it to be. Clarity on earnings is essential for authors to make informed decisions about their publishing journey.

📞 Communication Gap

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful author-publisher relationship. During my experience, I felt there was a significant communication gap, making it challenging to stay on the same page throughout the publishing process.

While Notion Press may have its drawbacks, it's important to remember that every author's experience can vary. These were the challenges I faced, and I hope that by sharing my experience, it helps other authors make informed decisions about their publishing choices. Always do your research and consider your specific needs when choosing a publishing partner. 

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