Wednesday, 3 March 2021

GAME - gaming gone epic , India’s and World’s first platform taking Esports online

GAME - gaming gone epic , India’s and World’s first platform taking Esports online , one stop solution for all global players to stream , compete and earn exponential returns at one platform ! 

Just imagine being paid exponentially for following your passion , sounds great right ? 

The platform shall give an opportunity to esports players globally to turn their passion into power ! Have you seen international esports events that are no less than an a Charlie puth concert ? Just imagine enjoying the same tournament from the comfort of your home ! Competing with your favourite global players and earning dollars ! That’s how we making gaming epic ! 
The idea behind starting this platform up was to realise the untapped potential the gaming industry holds and how this opportunity be manifested into disrupting the conventional ways to functioning while benefitting our customers with global exposure and experience ! 

About the founders - Srishti Sharma and Prateek Pandey 

Srishti Sharma 
Founder  at GAME , world’s first online esports platform 
Founder at Shakti -  a smart watch ensuring women safety with shock giving feature to an attacker and protecting women from various kinds of domestic and sexual violence 

2 times TEDx speaker, Josh talks speaker , Young achiever 2019 awardee , Indian icon leadership 2019 awardee, exemplary performer of the year 2019 , Indian leadership awardee 2018 and 'Distinguished women entrepreneur of the year ' 2019! 

Asia’s Most Innovative Women Entrepreneur of of the Year 2020 by Yeforum !

Listed as ‘Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs of India ‘ now converted into a Book ! 
Public speaker and a change-maker!

Prateek Pandey - 
With 7 + experience in the field of product development and entrepreneurship 
CEO and founder at super alliance 
co tech in India and Russia 

Srishti Sharma Founder  at GAME , world’s first online esports platform

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