Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Trisha Karmakar

Trisha Karmakar is the queen of her own dreams, who has just stepped into her twenties. Having lived in New Delhi for 8 years and in Bangalore for 5, she has all that is necessary to have an uninfluential mindset about the world and of course, herself. Presently settled in Kolkata, she is pursuing graduation in
psychology from Bethune College, which is renowned as the first women's college in Asia. Having said that, yes, listening to people is what she believes herself to be the best at. She has a very exceptional vision towards life and welcomes everything life throws at her, let that be a bundle of joy or a heap of sorrow. She believes it's a blessing to be alive each day with so much yet to be explored. Also, she is independent about her own thoughts and has her own way of doing things.
She has been trained as a Hindustani Classical vocalist for 10 years. Apart from music, writing and reading has always succeeded to pacify her, no matter the world around her. She is very much fascinated by art, any form of it and is learning to admire it more, through her growing years. She is creative when it comes to drawing, sketching and hand-made stuff. 

"There's always another world that awaits to be explored and conquered. " These are a few words by Trisha.


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