looking for Seed Funding with assured Returns

This is Capt Shekhar  and I have been in Aviation and  Travel Domain for almost 8 Years now. I have been to 500+ cities across 50 odd countries. We are a group of Pilots and different IIM guys  currently lead expansion for few Aviation and Travel Startups called AirAviator and AlfaTravelBlog. I have also been associated with Mission To Canada, AsiaticAir, Ola, Oyo & so many Startups before this.

We are looking for Seed Funding with assured Returns [ ROI ] Min 20% PA . 

Already launched  and generating revenue. 

So far bootstrapped and profitable. 

Need funds to speed and scale. 

Anyone who is interested please comment below. And drop a Mail on csg.airaviator@gmail.com


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