Best Advice for a Newbie Vlogger and Bloggers

The Best Advice for  a Newbie Vlogger and   Bloggers :

01. Read lots of Vlog and Blogs and VLogs, get as much as Information regrading the Domain that you are going to Vlog or Vlog and Blog. Share all Your small and big Success stories with others on all Social Media.

02. Do not only Think about Money Making as your First Step. You should build Target  Audience to read all your Volog and Vlog and Blog Posts or product reviews. Remember give something valuable for your visitors before thinking of earning from them. Once your Vlog and Blog start giving what the visitor need, they will come to you for what You need.

03. Do not leave things to happen, try to Promote your Valuable Posts as much as possible. Remember  Traffic = Money in the case of  Money Making Vlog and Blogging.

04. If you have selected a Niche, try to hang on to it but if you truly feels that you have got it wrong, better change it before you go far.

Be mindful, Vlog and Blogging will not give you money. You can Earn Money by Promoting valuable Posts rich in content with Money making Tools. You can create  an e-Book on building a Vlog and Blog site with the posts You have posted on the Vlog and Blog. 
Subscribe to it and learn how to start your money making Vlog and Blog. 

It is free.

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