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Friday 6 September 2013

Popular Myths about Airplanes

1. Opening Airplane Doors During Flight

There is a rumor that the doors on the commercial Airplane can be easily opened during the Flight. Case studies show that it is almost impossible, as the cabin is pressurized and the difference in pressure inside and outside is just enormous. 

2. Hole in the Plane Can Suck In

Hollywood movies often show that any hole inside a plane can suck people outside. However this is not how a hole behaves. It creates a decompression, as the barrier between the different pressure levels has been broken. After the decompression it’s pretty safe, unless you stand too close to the hole.

3. You Get Drunk Faster on the Airplane

Having a drink on a Airplane is said to make you more drunk than having the same drink in the bar. Research was carried out in order to reveal the truth behind this myth. The studies unveiled that levels of alcohol are the same. But it can make your hangover worse as air travel dehydrate you as the alcohol does.

4. The Air on the Airplane is polluted

Air on a commercial jet is rumored to be very polluted. Planes have underfloor filters which are designed by the manufacturers to capture between 94 and 99 percent of airborne germs and viruses. Not to mention that total change of air occurs every 2-3 minutes . 

5. Air in the Oxygen Masks Can Get You High

Another myth caused by the Hollywood movies is that the oxygen in the masks can get you high. The oxygen masks pops out of the ceiling when the pressure in the cabin is lost. Oxygen masks doesn’t have more oxygen than a normal air, they are made for you not to pass out during decompression.

Happy and Safe Flying 


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