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Thursday 13 June 2013

Cloud computing: how can companies reduce the security risk?

Cloud computing by govt raises security fears
Boston Herald
The government's insatiable appetite for cloud computing prowess is carving out new territory for Bay State companies — with a renewed focus on security. Cambridge-based Akamai Technologies, which provides services for all 15 Cabinet-level agencies in ...
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Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle ...
Sacramento Bee
Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story is an interesting and insightful account –and also quite humorous at times -- by the entrepreneurs who have lived it over the last eight years -- of the challenges faced in introducing a new better way to an industry ...
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Cloud computing: how can companies reduce the security risk?
The Guardian
In the last five years, organisations have increasingly embraced cloud applications to help them innovate and transform their business. Applications that automate sales processes, HR management, collaboration, email and file sharing are growing fast ...
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Cloud computing can cut software energy footprint, claims research
Cloud Pro
Cloud computing holds great potential to reduce data centre energy demand moving forward, due to both large reductions in total servers through consolidation and large increases in facility efficiencies compared to traditional local datacentres,” the ...
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Treasury taps into cloud computing
The Australian
The advantages of cloud computing include fewer employees to administer systems in-house and energy savings. With razor gangs roaming the corridors of power in Canberra, Alexander knows every last cent counts and has even held talks with Microsoft ...
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Canonical: OpenStack Cloud Computing Platform Ready for Prime Time
The VAR Guy
Has OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform, come into its own? Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux—which happens to be the most popular OS for OpenStack deployments—is saying so this week as it touts the rapid maturity of the ...
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XO introduces enterprise-class cloud computing, data backup and storage services
XO Communications is appealing to its large IP/MPLS network customer base by introducing three new offerings that it says will give its traditional business customers a way to transition to cloudservices. These offerings include XO Enterprise Cloud ...
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HP launches Cloud OS for Moonshot and other HP systems
On the second day of its annual HP Discover user conference in Las Vegas, Hewlett-Packard launched an operating system (OS) designed specifically for cloud computing, called the HP Cloud OS. Initially, however, the software can only be obtained by ...
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IBM And Amazon In Contention For CIA's $600M Cloud Computing Contract
Cloud computing involves storing information across an interconnected network of servers with no centralized location. It has become a significant part of how data is stored by all government agencies., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is a dominant ...
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Developers can integrate cloud computing on PS4
Develop (blog)
PS4 developers will be able to offload some computing calculations to remote servers through thecloud, Sony's worldwide studios president has said. Much like the cloud capabilities that have been touted by Microsoft for the Xbox One, Shuhei Yoshida ...
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