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Student Pilot Robert Camp, crash-lands Piper Comanche small plane at Charlottesville Albemarle Airport

Student pilot crash-lands small plane at Charlottesville airport

Two people escaped injury Saturday evening after the plane they were flying in, with a student pilot at the helm, crash-landed at the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport.
Airport spokesman Jason Burch said airport and Albemarle County emergency personnel were called to the scene at 4:58 p.m. for a crash involving a single-engine, general aviation airplane.

Despite an apparent malfunction of the landing gear, the blue and white 1961 Piper Comanche came to rest upright and intact, with no significant damage immediately visible from a distance.

In a news release, Virginia State Police identified the pilot as Robert Camp, a student pilot from Raleigh, N.C.
A spokeswoman with the state police said in the release that as the plane was coming in for a landing, "it made contact with the runway too hard," causing its landing gear to retract.
The plane then skidded to a stop on its “belly,” according to the release.
“Anytime you have any sort of alert at the airport, there’s a system in place, so we had several of the local stations here initially,” Burch said.
Melvin Bishop, Albemarle County assistant fire marshal, confirmed that county personnel and equipment responded, but they were released from the scene shortly after their arrival when the situation was declared under control. Albemarle police officers also responded.
“State troopers arrived, as well, and they will conduct an investigation,” Burch said at the airport Saturday. “It’s no different than a bus [crash] on the highway — they have to make sure there’s no foul play.”
The pilot and passenger were traveling from Winchester and had planned to land at the Charlottesville airport.
The incident delayed at least two departing flights, and an arriving flight was diverted to Lynchburg while officials investigated and cleared the runway.
Although the runway was reopened at 7:30 Saturday night, airport officials encouraged passengers to always check with their airline for the latest flight information.

Small plane crash-lands at Charlottesville airport
The Daily Progress
Two people escaped injury Saturday evening after their plane crash-landed on the runway at the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport. Airport spokesman Jason Burch said airport and Albemarle County emergency personnel were called to the scene at 4:58 p.m. ...
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WARNING: Contains graphic scenes - Horrific plane crash caught on camera
Irish Independent
Footage has emerged of the moment a cargo plane in Afghanistan span out of control and crashed, killing all seven American crew members on board. Credit: arashy1981. Download our Free iPhone App Now. Download our Free Android App Now ...
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Search and Rescue trains, simulates plane crash
... PM MDT May 11, 2013. Small Text; Medium Text; Large Text. Print; Email. Tweet. Search and Rescue trains, simulates plane crash. CACTUS PARK, Colo. -. Mesa County Search and Rescue responded to a plane crash, but it's not the kind you might think.
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Minnesota News Briefs: Faughter and daughter survive plane crash
Pierce County Herald
Cross winds led him to abort the first attempt, and Asp says the plane caught a power line when he came around for a second try. Although he landed gear-down in a nearby field, the propeller caught in soft soil and the plane flipped. Neither Asp or his ...
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Two Die When Small Plane Crashes In Texas Hill Country -
Two Die When Small Plane Crashes In Texas Hill Country. FREDERICKSBURG (May 9, 2013)--A small plane crashed Thursday less than a mile from the runway of the city airport in Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country. The Texas Department of Public ...
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Fertilizer plane crashes in Lampung, killing its pilot
Jakarta Post
A light plane used to spray fertilizer for oil palm plantations in Mesuji regency, Lampung, has crashed, killing its pilot. The crash took place at 11 a.m. when the Fletcher FU 24-950 plane belonging to PT Sumber Indah Perkasa (SIP) was about to take ...
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Jakarta Post
'Their cries for help still haunt me': Mangalore crash survivor remembers the ...
Emirates 24/7
But also feels unhappy, because like many of the next-of-kin of the dead victims of the Mangalore plane crash, he has had to engage in a protracted legal battle to claim due compensation for the crash. Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Mayankutty, who now ...
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Hybrid cloud storage solutions

A final requirement dictating where data is stored is tied to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Both these organizations are coordinating the implementation of electronic medical records in hospitals and clinics, and to accomplish this, they have advised on the meaningful use of electronic medical records.

According to the two regulatory groups, one indication that an organization is using an EMR meaningfully is that it can exchange health information between hospitals and clinics which is one of the greatest benefits of cloud storage. Which leads to the final question that all hospitals should ask: How will stored data be accessed?

The overall implied question framing this discussion can be answered by addressing the data access question. That is, what do hospitals need to know about public or hybrid cloud storage before they decide to use either option?

The easy answer is that all hospitals should use the public cloud for storage of population health and well-being information. A more difficult issue surrounds what kind of data a hospital should contribute to public cloud storage. This question is harder to answer because the answer must abate hospitals' two concerns. The first is how a hospital can differentiate itself from others while maintaining its competitive edge. The second is how a hospital can retain its position in the industry while serving the greater good of the population.

A third, more difficult concern arises after these first two are addressed. This third concern relates to hospitals' need to store their differentiating operations data privately, and store and report their detailed outcome data publicly. When this detailed outcome data is massaged, and de-identified, it can be put into a public storage cloud and can be used for health information exchange.

A hospital's detailed outcome data is something else to consider. This data is the end product of the operations data collected and processed that returns a patient to health. It needs consistent and constant collection with automated inputs and minimal human intervention. It also takes skilled hands to understand and make use of this data. Earlier, an indication was made that by answering the "where" question, other situations could arise that require more than simply providing cloud storage, and could require heavier cloud-computing tasks. Massaging stored patient data into detailed outcome data is one such situation for which hybrid cloud computing could be the answer.

Think in terms of a hospital locally differentiating itself from others for its skill in treating a particular ailment, say heart disease. Locally, this hospital is superior in producing successful patient outcomes for heart disease. Nationally or internationally, however, the same institution may be above average but not better than everyone else. In these cases a hybrid cloud consisting of local, national and international heart centers is a viable solution, because this will enable sharing of detailed heart information from a variety of sources. If this virtual heart center also contains research work and data manipulation of successful and notable heart physicians and researchers, then a vast center for physician consultation exists and is as simple to use as merely logging in to the Internet site.

Every hospital should ask itself four main questions as it evaluates and decides to use cloud storage solutions. These are the same questions asked for any research inquiry: who, what, where and how. In this case, these questions must be qualified: Who is your storage vendor, what is the nature of your data, where is that data currently stored and how will people access it? The goal of these questions is to provide the hospital with details about its own cloud storage possibilities. It's also very important information required to work with any vendor. This information will greatly enhance any hospital-vendor relationship, and it will help any hospital position itself for any storage-related initiative.

If You can Dream It
You can
Do It .. :-)

If You think You Can't 
You are Right

If You think You Can
You are Very- Very Right

HP Q&A: Converged Cloud is company's chief initiative
Turmoil in the upper ranks has caused consternation among customers over the past few years and while Amazon made early inroads in dominating the market for cloud services, HP has been relatively late to the game. The company announced its strategy ...
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Questions to ask before deploying cloud computing storage in healthcare
Hospitals are a good use case for public cloud computing storage in healthcare because of the many different challenges they face regarding data storage needs. The first question to ask is, "Who are the hospital's main storage vendors?" Initially, this ...
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Cloud Caution: Healthcare Market Slowly Adopting Cloud -
Although cloud computing is among the key industry inflection points, uptake in the medical field has been relatively slow and most often limited to office-related functions, such as scheduling and billing, due in large part to security and compliance ...
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3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cloud Storage Solution
Business 2 Community
3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cloud Storage Solution image choosing cloud storage solution You've heard enough about the advantages of cloud computing for small businesses, and you're ready to start using the cloud to store your data. But how...
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Business 2 Community
How private or hybrid cloud storage solutions can improve care
Earlier, an indication was made that by answering the "where" question, other situations could arise that require more than simply providing cloud storage, and could require heavier cloud-computingtasks. Massaging stored patient data into detailed ...
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Equinix Meets Amazon Direct Connect Cloud Service
Talkin' Cloud
As we continue to support expansion of the AWS Direct Connect service to new markets, we are removing barriers to adoption and enabling customers to deliver on the promise of cloud computing," said Chris Sharp, general manager, cloud and content for ...
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Outsourcing and personal data protection: is it always a smooth ride?
The Slovak Spectator
One of the most appealing forms of outsourcing is through cloud computing models. Cloud computing is believed to be one of the biggest technological revolutions in recent times focused on Internet-based use and delivery of IT applications, processing ...
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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Motivation in Global Recession Seems Difficult But not I M Possible :-)

Successfull Pilots Keep on Flying
They make mistakes
But Dont Quit :-)

Motivation in Global Recession
Seems Difficult
But not I M Possible :-)

In Order To Succeed,
Your Desire For Success
Should Be Grater
Than Your
Fear Of Failure..

If You can Dream It
You can
Do It .. :-)

If You think You Can't 
You are Right

If You think You Can
You are Very- Very Right 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Successfull Pilots Keep on Flying They make mistakes But Dont Quit :-)

Successfull Pilots Keep on Flying
They make mistakes
But Dont Quit :-)

List of Mr Abraham Lincoln's failures

A common list of the failures of Abraham Lincoln (along with a few successes) is:

1831 - Lost his job
1832 - Defeated in run for Illinois State Legislature
1833 - Failed in Business
1834 - Elected to Illinois State Legislature (success)
1835 - Wife died
1836 - Had nervous breakdown
1838 - Defeated in run for Illinois House Speaker
1843 - Defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress
1846 - Elected to Congress (success)
1848 - Lost re-nomination
1849 - Rejected for land officer position
1854 - Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
1856 - Defeated in run for nomination for Vice President
1858 - Again defeated in run for U.S. Senate
1860 - Elected President (Big Success)

That looks like a pretty glum résumé, making you wonder how he ever made it to the top. But when you really think of it, to run for office or high positions so many times, you have to have something on the ball and have more successes than meet the eye.

Chronology of Mr Abraham Lincoln's career

Lincoln actually was considered a fairly successful politician in Illinois and a leader of the Whig party in his state, as well as a successful lawyer. The true chronology of his career is as follows.


At age 22, he lost his job because his father wanted to move the family.


At age 23, he was elected company Captain of Illinois militia in the Black Hawk War. Because of his Black Hawk War involvement, he did not spend sufficient time campaigning and was defeated in running for the Illinois State Legislature. Note that he was only 23-years old.


At age 25, he started a store in New Salem, Illinois with a partner. He was appointed postmaster of New Salem and deputy surveyor of Sangamon County. Unfortunately, his partner died causing the business to fail. Lincoln later paid off the whole debt for the failed business. Then he was elected to the Illinois State House of Representatives. That certainly seems like a busy and successful year for someone only 25.


Lincoln's sweetheart, Ann Rutledge, died.


At age 27, Lincoln reportedly had a nervous breakdown. (Many scholars believe this to be a fabrication of William Herndon made after Lincoln had died. Herndon had been a law partner of Lincoln, but they did not get along. Considering Lincoln's other accomplishments that year, a nervous breakdown was unlikely.)

Lincoln was re-elected to Illinois State Legislature and led the Whig political party delegation in moving Illinois state capital from Vandalia to Springfield. He also received a license to practice law in Illinois state courts and became law partner of John T. Stuart.


At age 29, he was nominated for Illinois House Speaker by Whig caucus but did not win the election, because the Whigs could not garner enough votes. He then served as the Whig Floor Leader.


Lincoln was chosen presidential elector for the first Whig convention. He also was admitted to practice law in U.S. Circuit Court.


At age 31, he was re-elected to Illinois State Legislature. He also argued his first case before Illinois Supreme Court.


He established a new law practice with Stephen T. Logan


At age 33, he was re-elected to Illinois State Legislature. Lincoln was also admitted to practice law in U.S. District Court. He was becoming a very successful lawyer, as well as a popular legislator.


At age 34, Lincoln wanted to run for Congress but for the sake of Whig party unity, agreed to hold off until 1846 to allow other party candidates to represent the state. Thus, he really was not defeated for nomination for Congress, as stated in the list of his "failures".


Lincoln established his own law practice with William H. Herndon as junior partner. (After Lincoln had been assassinated, Herndon claimed that Lincoln had suffered a nervous breakdown in 1836. This apparently was an effort to get back at Lincoln's widow.)


At age 37, Lincoln won the election for U.S. Congress.


At age 39, Lincoln's term in office was up and was not a candidate for Congress, per an agreed-upon arrangement among the Whigs. He did however try to get an appointment as Commissioner of the General Land Office at Washington D.C. but didn't get appointed.


Lincoln was admitted to practice law in U.S. Supreme Court. He was offered appointment as governor of the Oregon Territory, but he declined the position.

He was elected to the Illinois State Legislature but declined the seat to run for U.S. Senate.


At age 46, Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate but then willingly deferred his Whig votes, as a political move, to allow Trumbull to win the seat. It was a intentional move and not a defeat as the list claims.


At age 47, Lincoln received votes in the Philadelphia Republican convention for the vice presidency. He did not campaign and was not running for the office at that time, so he did not gain the nomination.


At age 49, he ran for the U.S. Senate and won the popular vote. However, in those days the state legislatures selected the Senate representative. Usually, they would select the winner of the election, but the 1858 Illinois State Legislature chose Lincoln's rival, Stephen Douglas, to remain in office.

In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson eliminated that practice with the 17th amendment to the constitution.

Thus, Lincoln ran for the Senate and was defeated.


Lincoln had a very successful and lucrative law practice but hesitantly agreed to run for the presidency.


At age 51, Lincoln became president of the United States.

Purpose of failure list

Abraham Lincoln had a very successful career up to becoming president. But for anyone trying different things, there can be a number setbacks. For some reason, writers exaggerated the setbacks or defeats, in order to use them to inspire people to overcome life's difficulties with Lincoln as a model.

The failure list is great for motivational seminars and graduation speeches, but it is far from reality.


Abraham Lincoln is rated as one of the best American presidents, but it is often noted that he had numerous failures in his career. In realty, he was a very successful politician and lawyer. The supposed list of setback is meant to show that even a failure can become president, if he doesn't give up.

Two are killed in Air Plane crash near Suffolk Airport in USA

A small, single-engine experimental plane crashed in a field Saturday, killing the pilot and a passenger.

The crash occurred about a third of a mile west of a runway at Suffolk Executive Airport, roughly three miles southwest of the city’s downtown.

The aircraft had attempted to land several times when it crashed, killing both occupants on impact, according to the Virginia State Police.

The plane is registered to an individual from Davidsonville, Md., police stated. Both victims were male and neither has been positively identified. Maryland State Police are helping in the identification process as well as with the notification of family members.

Emergency crews were dispatched at 1:01 p.m. Saturday and were on the scene in seven minutes, said Diana Klink, a city spokeswoman. The crash site lies near Southside Trailer Court, in the 1000 block of Carolina Road.

“I just heard a big boom, like a big shotgun sound,” said Tony Fowler, 21, who lives about a half mile from the crash site.

It sounded “sort of like a bomb going off,” said Scott Proctor Jr., 12, who was in his room at his home on Carolina Road.

Gabrielle Looney, 20, who lives in a trailer only a few hundred yards from the crash site, said the sound of the impact led her to think “it was going to be a tractor-trailer crash over on Carolina Road.”

The 16th annual “Festival of Flight,” a two-day, fly-in event sponsored by the Virginia Aviation Council, a nonprofit group that promotes aviation education, began Saturday morning at Suffolk Executive Airport. Ray Batton, the president of the council, said the plane and its occupants had not registered and were unknown to event organizers.

Registration for the event is available online or on the field, according to a program for the event, which is described as “2 days of Airplanes & Family Fun from Ultralights to Multiengine!”

While the event has drawn hundreds of aircraft at some of the yearly events, this weekend’s festival drew “way less than 100 planes,” Batton said.

“Our event is totally weather-dependent,” said DeWitt Whittington, a spokesman for the group who said the festival is geared for “fair-weather flying.”

Low clouds and windy conditions contributed to make Saturday “a terrible day” for the kinds of light aircraft that tend to come to the event, Whittington said.

The event continues today.

US Plane Crash Site in Kyrgyzstan
RIA Novosti
BISHKEK, May 4 (RIA Novosti) – Parts of the pilots' bodies have been discovered at the site of Friday's US military plane crash in northern Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz Emergencies Ministry said on Saturday. “Several parts of the pilots' bodies have been ...
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Horrifying video emerges of deadly 747 plane crash outside Afghan air base
National Post
Tumblr · Pinterest · Reddit · Digg · FarkIt · StumbleUpon. Warning: Graphic content. Seven Americans died Monday in a plane crash in Afghanistan and horrifying video has emerged of the 747 cargo plane's apparent final moments in the air.
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Two are killed in plane crash near Suffolk airport
The Virginian-Pilot
A small, single-engine experimental plane crashed in a field Saturday, killing the pilot and a passenger. The crash occurred about a third of a mile west of a runway at Suffolk Executive Airport, roughly three miles southwest of the city's downtown ...
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The Virginian-Pilot
Two bodies found after Kyrgyzstan plane crash
ABC Online
Rescuers have recovered the bodies of two US pilots whose refuelling plane crashed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan shortly after taking off from a base that serves as a hub for military operations in Afghanistan. The KC-135 Stratotanker with a crew of ...
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Hudson River divers find body of plane crash pilot (video)
Kingston Daily Freeman
Braunstein was the pilot and owner of the twin-engine Grumman G44A Widgeon that crashed in the river between Catskill and Germantown about 4:30 p.m. Thursday, some 30 minutes after taking off from a private airfield in Copake, authorities have said.
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Bodies of 2 US crew found at site of military plane crash in Kyrgyzstan, 3rd ...
Washington Post
BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — Search teams on Saturday found the bodies of two American crew members near where their military refueling plane crashed in the rugged mountains of Kyrgyzstan, while the third crew member was still missing, the emergencies ...
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Pilot dies in small plane crash in Que. mountains
Toronto Sun
MONT LAURIER, Que. -- The pilot of a small plane died Saturday afternoon after a crash in the Laurentian Mountains. Minutes after takeoff from the airport at Mont Laurier, a lakeside town about 240 km northwest of Montreal, the aircraft plunged to the ...
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Body fragments found at US plane crash site in Kyrgyzstan
Los Angeles Times
MOSCOW -- Rescue teams found remains of two crew members Saturday morning at the site of a U.S. military plane crash in Kyrgyzstan, an official said. “Fragments of two bodies have already been found as we are continuing the search,” Abisharip Bekilov, ...
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Los Angeles Times
Two bodies found at US plane crash site in Kyrgyzstan, third crew member still ... (blog)
BISHKEK - Remains of two bodies have been found in the wreckage of a U.S. military plane thatcrashed in Kyrgyzstan, and authorities are still looking for a third person who was on board, officials said. The refueling plane exploded in mid air when its ...
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Two US pilots' bodies found after Kyrgyzstan plane crash
The Guardian
The bodies of two US pilots who were killed when their military refuelling plane crashed in Kyrgyzstan have been found by rescue workers. The Kyrgyz emergencies minister, Kubatbek Boronov, said search teams found the remains on Saturday. Their KC-135 ...
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Friday, 3 May 2013

SBI to Auction Capt Gopinath's Assets to recover dues

After moving decisively against the promoters of Kingfisher Airlines Ltd to recover a part of their dues, State Bank of India (SBI) is now planning to auction some of the properties Captain G R Gopinath had pledged with the bank to recover a part of the dues of Rs 210 crore.

The auction has been scheduled for May 16 and 31. SBI on Friday put out ads in all major newspapers announcing the dates. Gopinath’s properties include a bungalow here, in the name of his wife. Gopinath and his wife are guarantors for the loan.

SBI, along with a few other banks, had given loans to Gopinath for Deccan Cargo, a venture he started in 2009, a few years after he sold Air Deccan to Kingfisher Airlines. It is understood Axis Bank among the lenders with significant exposure to Deccan Cargo, Gopinath’s venture.

Gopinath had started with Deccan Cargo, aiming to deliver cargo to and from tier-II and tier-III towns into major cities, hoping to ride the potential the segment offered. Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani had made an investment of about Rs 135 crore into this venture. Industry experts say the execution of the strategy did not fall into place for Deccan Cargo, owing to which Gopinath couldn’t carry the venture business.

After the operations of the company were frozen, Gopinath had opted for corporate debt restructuring for its loans. However, this, too, did not progress due to doubts oh how Gopinath would boost operations after the restructuring. Subsequently, Gopinath tried to revive Deccan Charters, offering shuttle services in Gujarat through eight-seater aircraft. But after a promising start, this floundered due to low demand. Revenues in the traditional charter business started dwindling and Gopinath was forced to downsize and sell many of the aging Aircraft.

Kingfisher Still Short of Take-Off Clearance
Wall Street Journal
NEW DELHI--Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. hasn't met all requirements the government is demanding before it can fly again, a civil aviation ministry official said on Friday. Kingfisher's submission to the civil aviation department lacks detail, the senior ...
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Class 3A track: Kingfisher's Kaden Jackson repeats as shot put champ
ARDMORE — Kingfisher sophomore Kaden Jackson was one miscue away from missing the Class 3A track meet. At the regional meet last week, the defending shot put champion scratched on his first two throws, and he had to ease off on his final attempt just ...
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3 FTSE 100 Shares Going Ex-Dividend Next Week: GlaxoSmithKline plc ...
Motley Fool UK
It's ex-dividend time for GlaxoSmithKline plc (LON: GSK), Antofagasta plc (LON: ANTO) andKingfisher plc (LON: KGF) next week. If you want to be eligible for a dividend payment, or if you're hoping a share price might drop disproportionately when the ...
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SBI to auction Gopinath's assets to recover dues
Business Standard
After moving decisively against the promoters of Kingfisher Airlines to recover a part of their dues, State Bank of India (SBI) is now planning to auction some of the properties Captain G R Gopinath had pledged with the bank to recover a part of the ...
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Business Standard
uMngeni River croc killed
Independent Online
A sign on the banks of the uMngeni River near the Kingfisher Canoe Club warns of the presence of crocodiles. Picture: Marilyn Bernard. Related Stories. Wily croc's days are numbered · 'Don't kill the crocodile' · Croc can be killed, says Ezemvelo ...
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Independent Online
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has rejected Kingfisher ...
Travel Daily Media
The airline which grounded operations in October 2012, requested renewal of its operating permit with the help of funds from its parent company, UB Group. “Financial aid of INR650 crore from parent company is not sufficient to restart operations ...
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Travel Daily Media
Church volunteers head to Africa to deliver second-hand mobile phones to rural ...
This is Gloucestershire
There are 60 Kingfisher Churches in Malawi and Mozambique, with 20 more across India. Mobile phones are a technology taken for granted in the western world. And with network coverage improving in rural areas of Africa, the church hopes it can help ...
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KINGFISHER PLC : Annual Financial Report
4-traders (press release)
Kingfisher plc (the "Company") announces that the following documents have today been posted or otherwise made available to shareholders and published on the Company's website at documents can be accessed using the links ...
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Your Good Times tell the World Who You Are and Your Bad Time tells You What The World Is

Your Good Times  tell the World  Who You Are and  Your Bad Time  tells You  What The World Is Manbir Kaur Director AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd...